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The American Seniors Housing Association has partnered with the Alzheimer’s Association to help in the fight against Alzheimer’s. ASHA has created a National Team in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, the nation’s largest event to raise awareness and funds to help end Alzheimer’s disease. In 2014 the ASHA Team, consisting of several member companies, raised over $20,000, providing not only financial support for the mission, but also helping to build awareness of the cause. Overall, ASHA’s member companies formed nearly 1,400 teams, and raised over $3.4 million.

We invite our members (who are not currently National Teams) to come together collectively as an industry to raise money for this cause. We encourage you to form teams and raise funds for a Walk in your area. In return, you will earn national recognition for your company and ASHA.

We send out a special thank you to the following ASHA members for their remarkable efforts in the 2014 Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

Brookdale Senior Living, Inc.

Sunrise Senior Living, Inc.

Senior Star

Genesis Rehab Services


Belmont Village Senior Living

HCP, Inc.

Silverado Senior Living

Prestige Senior Living

Benchmark Senior Living

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Brightview Senior Living, LLC

Five Star Quality Care, Inc.

Bickford Senior Living

Wells Fargo Bank

Oakmont Senior Living, LLC

We hope you consider joining us this year in our efforts to eradicate Alzheimer’s. To create a team, please visit ASHA’s custom homepage:

Walk to End ALZ

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