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2016 ASHA 50

Click here for the 2016 ASHA 50, the definitive annual ranking of the nation’s largest 50 seniors housing real estate owners and operators.

The five largest owners as of June 1, 2016 are: Brookdale (78,595 units), Welltower Inc. (65,042 units), Ventas Inc. (61,969 units), HCP Inc. (49,000 units), and Senior Housing Properties Trust (34,687 units). The largest five operators in the U.S. include: Brookdale (104,878 units), Holiday Retirement (37,659 units), LCS (32,832 units), Five Star Senior Living (31,202 units), and Sunrise Senior Living (22,991 units).

The ASHA 50 has been produced annually since 1994, and is considered to be the authoritative source for market-rate senior living ownership and management.

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