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Executive Board

Executive Board* $15,000

* This level is not available to supplier/vendors

Three company contacts receive the following all-inclusive complimentary benefits:

  • Attendance at ASHA’s Annual meeting in January, Mid-Year meeting in June, Fall meeting in September,and select Regional Roundtables for three representatives at no charge
  • All new publications: Reports, Briefs, Federal, Legal, and State Policy updates
  • Access to ASHA’s members-only website with a comprehensive library of archived reports, Briefs, updates, and exclusive member publications
  • Consultation with ASHA’s professional staff
  • Exclusive Rising Leaders program for next generation leaders
  • May serve as officers of ASHA, participate on Task Forces and Committees, and may be selected to represent ASHA before Congress
  • Executive Board Directory with complete biographies of the industry’s leading executives
  • Subject to approval by Executive Board.

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