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ASHA Launches Phase 2 of Public Relations Campaign

Series of three videos and advertisements focus on real stories from real people that promote positive resident and family experiences.

The second phase of ASHA’s national public relations campaign promoting seniors housing has launched with two new videos and accompanying banner advertisements promoting the seniors housing industry.

This phase builds trust in senior living communities, giving seniors and their families the confidence that the industry is making the right decisions at the right times on behalf of residents. It focuses on real stories from real people who promote positive resident and family experiences while highlighting industry expertise.

These new videos feature shared perspectives from residents; a community staff member; and from a family member, who speaks to the reassurances that come with having his parents live in a seniors community.

The videos are incorporated into banner ads as part of a multifaceted effort that includes digital-video advertising, online-display, paid-search, paid-social, and owned social advertising.

The digital campaign leads its audience to ASHA’s Where You Live Matters site, where visitors from the paid-search campaigns can learn more about senior living and advance through the sales process.

Here are links to videos:

View the banner ads here.

This phase comes after the first, conducted May through July, which reached more than 15.7 million people, engaging more than 1.3 million people.

That first PR campaign ran on major media sites such as The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Atlanta Constitution-Journal, Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News and Los Angeles Times. Messaging responded to negative media coverage of the pandemic to show senior living’s side of the story, highlighting the real-time adjustments communities are making in battling this crisis.

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