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About ASHA

The American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA) is at the forefront of advancing the interests of executives engaged in the development, ownership, operations and financing of seniors housing. We are the premier source for research, conferences and advocacy, and our commitment to excellence makes us an outstanding investment for busy executives. ASHA’s all-inclusive annual membership fee is a tremendous value. As a member, you access the thought leadership, innovation, research and strategic relationships that have made ASHA a trusted industry leader for more than 25 years.

ASHA’s research products and initiatives are widely recognized as relevant, substantive, and actionable. Original research as well as jointly sponsored reports include a suite of Special Issue Briefs, the State of Seniors Housing, ASHA 50, Construction Monitor, and detailed reports that will help you better understand the opportunities and challenges of the seniors housing business. In addition to receiving newly released resources, members have 24-hour exclusive access to our robust archive of reports.
ASHA membership meetings bring leaders from all sectors of the industry together to find ways of moving senior living forward. At national and regional meetings, you can:

  • Hear from nationally renowned leaders in business and academia.
  • Participate in candid learn and grow sessions on topical and emerging issues.
  • Network, learn and grow through dialogue that shapes the industry.
ASHA is proud to have established one of the first and largest seniors housing PACs focused exclusively on supporting federal candidates who understand and are favorable toward the interests of our industry. For more than 20 years, ASHA’s legislative team has worked to educate policymakers about the industry and protect the interests of seniors housing owners and operators, as well as advocating for policies that benefit our residents and their families. Our federal legislative team has extensive experience on Capitol Hill and works year-round with members of Congress to ensure the industry has a strong voice in policy matters.
Where You Live Matters is the first-of-its-kind national consumer education initiative designed to help seniors, families and other influencers understand their senior living options and make empowered decisions. Combining a comprehensive website rich with content and powerful PR and social media campaigns, Where You Live Matters is educating thousands of people across the country and shaping their perceptions of the senior living experience in a positive way. ASHA members actively participate in this initiative by sharing its free content in their marketing, sales and PR efforts.

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