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Seniors Housing PAC (SH PAC)

The Seniors Housing Political Action Committee (SH PAC)

What is the SH PAC?

  • A federal political action committee sponsored by the American Seniors Housing Association
  • Funded entirely by voluntary contributions
  • Contributions go directly to support candidates seeking election to the U.S. House and U.S. Senate
  • SH PAC supports both Republican and Democrats
  • SH PAC advocates for seniors housing residents, employees, owners and operators

Why Should I Support the SH PAC?

  • You ensure that the seniors housing industry has a strong and unified voice on federal issues impacting the industry
  • You provide ASHA with the tools to promote our issues with key Members of Congress
  • You prevent costly and bureaucratic federal regulations and advance favorable policies
  • You help establish trust and credibility on Capitol Hill

For more detailed information about the SH PAC and how to contribute, go to the Members Area section of the website or contact Sheff Richey at

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