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  • Independent Living Then and Now (2023)

    Independent Living Then and Now is a research report from the American Seniors Housing Association that compares how the underlying attributes and expectations of independent living residents changed between 2012 and 2019, and examines how these changes are realigning residents’ more

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  • Seniors Housing Data Book (2022)

    An analysis of Medicare data that identifies demographics and health care utilization trends, along with the characteristics and experiences of beneficiaries across traditional private housing, active adult, independent living, low-income seniors housing, assisted living and nursing home settings has been more

    Price: $150.00

    Member Price: $90.00

  • The State of Seniors Housing 2022

    The premier research report on seniors housing operational performance with data collected at year-end 2021 from over 1,800 independent living communities, assisted living residences and continuing care retirement communities, comprising over 240,000 units. The report contains all pertinent financial and more

    Price: $375.00

    Member Price: $300.00

  • SIB: Senior Living Communities: Uniquely Positioned to Reduce Social Isolation and Promote Social Connection in Older Adults

    This new Special Issue Brief  from ASHA with support from ATI Advisory examines how senior living communities overcome the adverse impact of social isolation by promoting critical social connections that contribute to overall quality of life.  The Brief highlights research more

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Showing 9–12 of 69 results

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