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Media Relations and Crisis Communications Handbook (2018)

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he Media Relations and Crisis Communications Handbook is an excellent resource for generating positive, free publicity and dealing with difficult crisis situations. The Handbook was originally developed by Dan McConnell, ASHA’s former public relations counsel, in concert with ASHA’s Media Relations Task Force comprised of leading industry public relations and communications experts. The Handbook is an expanded and revised combination of ASHA’s two media relations-related resources (Seniors Housing Publicity Handbook and Seniors Housing Crisis Communications Handbook). The new Handbook is a “must-have” external communications resource for all seniors housing executives and general managers/executive directors. The resource has a two-fold purpose: helping you and your team generate positive media coverage and providing guidance for handling difficult crisis situations.

ASHA Members receive a complimentary copy of all of the Association’s publications, including a free copy of Media Relations and Crisis Communications Handbook.

Additional copies can be purchased at the discounted member price.

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