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People, Place, Programming: Quality of Life in Assisted Living

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This new 100-page report was authored by leading industry researchers, Margaret Wylde, Ph. D. and Kristen Paris, Ph. D. of ProMatura Group, and summarizes findings from a study of 2,322 assisted living customers from 106 communities.  The research was launched by the American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA) to identify how assisted living communities can provide a more satisfying environment, a greater sense of feeling at home, and a greater quality of life.  The study provides a unique perspective because it captures data from both residents and family members in different types of assisted living communities, and provides insights on eight Key Quality Indicators (KQIs), including overall satisfaction, sense of feeling at home, sense of safety and security, sense of control, perception of how the community runs, willingness to recommend the community, sense of value, and willingness if they were to do it again to move to the community.  The report is a must-read for owners and operators of assisted living because it also measures over 20 operational attributes and examines those that have the greatest impact on the ratings of the Key Quality Indicators.

ASHA members receive a complimentary copy of the Association’s publications, including a free copy of People, Place, Programming: Quality of Life in Assisted Living

ASHA members who wish to place a bulk order, please contact Megs Bertoni. The bulk order pricing is $75/ per copy with a minimum order of 5 copies.

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