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Residents of Independent Living: How Todays Residents Compare to Residents of 2001

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Based on the results of a comprehensive survey completed by 2,863 residents of independent living communities during 2012, many of the findings are compared to responses from a similar survey of independent living residents conducted in 2001. This report features over 150 data exhibits and provides detailed information regarding the demographic characteristics of independent living residents; health, abilities, activities of daily living and health care; legal and financial information; the decision-making process; characteristics of the residence; how residents spend their time; and resident opinions about the retirement community. Most findings presented include data for entrance-fee CCRCs, rental CCRCs, properties that combine IL and AL, and freestanding IL. The research study was conducted for the American Seniors Housing Association by ProMatura Group, led by Dr. Margaret Wylde.

Only available in digital format (.pdf copy).

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