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The Independent Living Report

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The most comprehensive study of its kind on everything you wanted to know about how and why seniors choose independent living. This 116 page, detailed study, conducted by Dr. Margaret Wylde of ProMatura Group for the American Seniors Housing Association examines key factors that “push” seniors from where they were living and “pull” them to a particular independent living community, including free-standing IL, IL/AL communities, and rental and entrance fee CCRCs.

The reasons, motivations, hesitations, and influences impacting new residents’ decisions to move are all explored in this new comprehensive research-based survey and reflect data from over 900 recent move-ins to independent living communities in the 100 largest cities in the United States.

Only available in digital format (.pdf copy).

ASHA Members receive a complimentary copy of all of the Association’s publications, including a free copy of The Independent Living Report.

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