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Unlocking the Mystery Behind Very Satisfied Independent Living Customers: Make The Feel at Home

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The American Seniors Housing Association is making available a limited number of copies of a truly landmark report that summarizes findings from a survey of close to 7,000 seniors residing in rental independent living communities located in 11 major U.S. cities. Conducted by longtime ASHA research partner, ProMatura Group, this study focuses on understanding independent living customers and what makes them feel at home. This research topic and report are crucial because a 2012 ASHA study revealed that feeling at home outweighs all other attributes that impact customer satisfaction, including services, amenities, or opportunities. In addition to reporting the survey results, the report provides important observations from other research work and suggestions for operators to help improve their communities to feel more like home.

ASHA Members receive a complimentary copy of all of the Association’s publications, including a free copy of Unlocking the Mystery Behind Very Satisfied IL Customers: Make them Feel at Home.

Additional copies can be purchased at the discounted member price.

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