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Seniors Housing Guide to Fair Housing and ADA Compliance

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This newly revised publication, in its Fifth Edition, provides timely and thorough information to seniors housing owners and operators about evolving issues regarding the Fair Housing Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, court decisions and interpretations. Author Paul Gordon of the San Francisco-based law firm, Hanson Bridgett has conducted a comprehensive review of the landscape and produced a resource that should be required reading for all seniors housing professionals given increased scrutiny of the seniors housing business by the U.S. Department of Justice, U.S., Department of Housing and Urban Development, and other fair housing enforcement agencies and advocacy groups.

ASHA Members receive a complimentary copy of all of the Association’s publications, including a free copy of Seniors Housing Guide to Fair Housing and ADA Compliance.

If you are interested in ordering bulk quantities, please contact Megs at (202) 885-5571 or

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