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Seniors Housing State Regulatory Handbook (2023)

Price: $95.00

Member Price: $45.00


The 2023 edition of the Seniors Housing State Regulatory Handbook, a collaborative effort between the American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA) and Leading Age has just been released and features easy-to-use matrices of key state licensure and regulatory requirements in all 50 states and the District of Columbia for assisted living residences and CCRCs. State-by-state comparisons are made easy by using this annually revised report. Updated state agency contact information for assisted living and CCRCs is also provided in this publication. 

ASHA Members receive a complimentary hard copy of the new Seniors Housing State Regulatory Handbook.

Members interested in purchasing additional bulk quantities should contact Megs Bertoni in ASHA’s offices at for more details.

Additional information

Weight .85 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 1 in

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