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SIB: The Evolving Healthcare System: Coordinated Care and Outcomes Tracking in Independent and Assisted Living Communities (2018)

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This new Special Issue Brief presents the findings of an ASHA survey conducted in 2018 in conjunction with the George Mason University Program in Senior Housing Administration. The Brief, entitled The Evolving Healthcare System: Coordinated Care and Outcomes Tracking in Independent and Assisted Living Communities, assesses industry participation in three key areas of care coordination: 1) the offering of ancillary services and the relationship with service providers, 2) measurement of health and wellness outcomes, and 3) the use of Electronic Health Records (EHRs). In addition to the survey results, the Brief also includes key observations from the authors, Andrew Carle and John Cantiello, Ph. D of George Mason University. This research and resulting 18-page report reflects the first attempt to capture seniors housing readiness and interest in broadening care offerings to meet the need to improve outcomes at lower costs for seniors.

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