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  • Senior Living for the Next Generation Volume II

    Senior Living for the Next Generation, Volume II — A View Through The Lens of Industry Thought Leaders, summarizes findings from a major new survey of over 1,000 industry executives, financiers and other professionals, and Executive Directors. The 68-page report more

    Price: $250.00

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  • Senior Living for the Next Generation Volume I

    Senior Living for the Next Generation, Volume I - A View Through the Lens of the Experienced Adult Child marks the first release of a two-phase research project. This report provides an insightful glimpse into the mindset of “experienced” adult more

    Price: $250.00

    Member Price: $150.00

  • Taking Customer Service from Good to Great

    This report was prepared for the American Seniors Housing Association by Laurie Kennedy of Market Infomatrix, and is based on longitudinal focus group research with 22 adult children whose parents reside in assisted living and dementia care settings. The report more

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  • The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Seniors Housing: Thoughts, Stories and Lessons on Leadership Edition 1

    This new 56-page publication was authored by Stephen M. Monroe and jointly produced by The SeniorCare Investor and the American Seniors Housing Association. The book features extraordinary insights on leadership and business from five seniors housing industry leaders, including William more

    Price: $125.00

    Member Price: $85.00

Showing 21–24 of 30 results

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